Episode 3 – Matchmaking throughout human history 

The precursors of online dating explored. Want to know how the matchmaking industrial complex started? With Julie Kottakisย and Reg Ferguson. Sponsored by Marcey Rader.

Episode 2 of the audio version 

Too lazy to read? Stuck in traffic during your commute? Do I have the solution for you! Download, stream or just hug episode 2 of OK Stupid.

Audio version! 

Howdy, I’ve gone and done it. Done what everyone else is doing. That’s right, I’ve turned this into a podcast. Or more like an audio book. You can now listen to me read the completed book to you. For free. This is hard. Like really hard. After working on this I have a new found […]

The top 5 secrets of online flirting 

Flirting in the real world is confusing. How do you know if that special someone is checking you out or if they suffer from astigamatism? It’s impossible. The early stages of flirting is all about winks, gestures and tricks with marachino cherries. You can’t go up to someone and talk to them without passing through […]

The Mystery Math Explained, Part 1 

Lots of lonely people with above average math skills have been “gaming” the online dating system as of late. The first one I saw was the story of the kid that created his own algorithm to further refine the results of OK Cupid’s dubious algorithm. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that poor […]