A reverse engineering of match percentage calculations 

Everyone is scored according to some mystery math – Credit scores, Search Algorithms and Mating Match percentage. Everyone is calculated inside a hidden box. The Math Junkies at OK Stupid have reversed engineered one of the more popular online dating algorithms. You’ll never trust math again. The Variables: d, distance from potential mate a, age […]

Difficulty quitting 

Welcome to OK Stupid’s 100th entry. Bring on the movie deals, or therapy. Probably therapy. Team Math, The Maths, aka the Math Monkeys analyzed over 2000 scientific journals to graph the relative difficulty in quitting a particular behavior. Some of the behaviors have been previously identified as addictive (reality TV and crack cocaine) and others […]

What women are thinking about 

The number crunchers were at it again. This analysis breaks down what women state they are thinking about according to their online dating profiles. Based on our analysis of over 2 billion online dating profiles I think we can conclude that a high percentage of women are anemic. The symptoms are all present: fatigue, hunger and […]

Reasons men and women are single over the age of 30 

Now on a steady supply of methadone and DMT the math wizards have been compiling stats once again. At least we think that is what they are doing. This week they’ve focused on the reasons why men and women are still single in their 30’s. Everyone woman surveyed in the New York City metropolitan area claimed to […]

What dating sites suggest for a 5’7″, atheist, straight male 

This graph didn’t take much computation since it is completely made up. It’s come to our attention that our exaulted mathematics department, the one that insisted on having a platinum dipped foosball table in order to help them relax, has been making up all of the stats. We don’t care and neither should you. This chart is as close […]