Probability of online dating leading to end times with value K as a constant 

We’re not going to lie to you. When this graph was slipped under our door we immediately loaded the shotgun and killed the lights. The math department has gone non compos mentis. It started last week when they began huffing dry erase markers. All of them, the PHD’s, the dorks and the interns were covered […]

Time spent online dating versus unemployment rate 

Our math wizards have put down the crack pipe for a few moments and generated this graph. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a phrenologic map of a stray cat we can now show the correlation between unemployment and time spent pursuing online dating. Breathtaking isn’t it? Personally I’m a fan of the colors – a muted patriotic palette that […]

Women and guns in their photos 

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how women, in addition to having photos of them holding babies and kittens, are often photographed with guns. Our crack researchers have now broken down the types of guns that women prefer to be photographed with. What does this mean? Will the type of weapon a women […]

Review of online dating profile pictures 

After searching through close to 12 million online dating profiles OK Stupid has completed a summary analysis of what people have in their photos. Guys With the popularization of eight minute ab workouts and The Jersey shore we were not surprised that guys think it is a good idea to be shirtless in their photos. Our research […]

online dating versus crystal meth 

Last week we examined the social acceptability of Online Dating versus The Dave Matthews Band. You our, bored with your life, readers asked for more comparisons. Today we compare the social acceptiblity of Online Dating versus Crystal Meth usage. In order to make the chart more applicable to the new variable, Crystal Meth, the y-axis […]