Awkward, Date #5 

“You’re making this awkward.” This was how the date ended. It was the 11th of September and we agreed to meet at a cocktail bar. I arrived first, sat at the bar and looked through the menu. The bartender was your typical neo-Brooklyn-ite – a slight Ohio accent, facial hair that only made sense in […]

The late blooming lesbians and me 

I’ve had my share of dates where women will complain that only gay men are available to date. “There’s no straight men left.” And more than once I’ve taken this as a verbal clue to prove them wrong. Thank you gay men for being in such supply that a large number of straight women think […]

Lose control of my face 

Before I was ready to quit online dating the second time around, still waiting to quit the third time, I scheduled one last date. She had the look I liked, a career, and she agreed to meet for drinks. We met at a hipster type bar on a Tuesday. Popcorn, bad beer on tap, a […]

Wash me, Date #7 

On my dating profile I listed bread and olive oil as two things I like. This pedestrian interest attracted one woman that agreed to go out with me. I met her at a wine bar. I’ve been told that within seconds a woman knows whether or not she’ll have sex with a guy. Within seconds I […]

Blurry girl, Date #7 

From time to time one of these unanswered intro letters results in a date.  Here is the recap of one date. She was some flavor of Latin. Her profile pictures were out of focus. I thought she was being artistic. Nope. In real life she was blurry. I wasn’t drunk when we met. Was it […]