Lusophone, it’s a word

She likes the sound of Portuguese and the word betwixt.


I met a lovely Lusophone once. It was in Rio. He put a knife up to my throat and then he screamed at me. I don’t speak Portuguese so I don’t really know if he was mugging me or not. He might have been asking me one of the following:
– Would you like a shave?
– Would you describe this knife as serrated?
– Do you know what a Lusophone is?
I gave him 50 real and he left. He never called or wrote.

What year was it when you used the word “betwixt”? Do you have a time machine? Can I borrow it? I’ll try not to get peanut butter on the controls.


I like peanut butter betwixt. Caramel is also good.

She deleted her account.

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