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Not a lot of posting as of late because life has gotten in the way of my hobby of sending out messages to the ladies of the Internet. Fear not, I’ve been working on OK Stupid The Book. One day it will be OK Stupid The Movie, OK Stupid The Lunchbox, and OK Stupid The Test for VD.

A lot has been shared on this site, but a ton has been kept locked away in secret. Here is a taste of what to expect from OK Stupid The Book.

The Structure

OK Stupid is structured as an absurdist, ethnographic memoir.

  • Accepting failure and joining an online dating site
    How my childhood assumption that by the age of 34 I would be married, with kids, a white picket fence and a rocket car failed to come to fruition.
  • Matchmaking throughout human history
    The evolution of match making explored. From cavemen clubbing their potential mates to meeting a potential mate in a club.
  • The leftovers, or dating people still single in their 30’s
    The felon, the closeted lesbian and how I got molested at a wine bar. Plus online dating leads to one relationship and one serious stalker.
  • A scientific analysis of online dating
    After sending close to 200 messages I’ve promoted myself to role of Online Dating Expert. This section breaks out all of the knowledge I’ve gained with a bunch of pretty graphs.
  • The last online date
    I can’t imagine why… you’d think I’d even provide a hint at how it all ends.

When will the book be complete? Beats me. You’ll have to stay tuned.

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  • I was feeling OK Stupid about OK Cupid and so I typed that in the search engine, and your blog came up. Looking forward to reading your book. Sounds fascinating.

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