Dry humor 

Every now and then I get a notice that someone rated me highly. This girl was one of them. She likes dogs with people’s names and has a dry sense of humor. Hi, A dry sense of humor is critical to the prevention of germ spreading. A wet, or moist, sense of humor while more […]

If you’re new to New York 

She wants you to message her if you are new to the New York area. Hi, Since New York is always changing and I moved to a new neighborhood I think I qualify as being new to the New York area. It’s a big type of area. Math was never a strong point of mine […]

Soft jazz 

She perhaps doesn’t like soft jazz. Hi, Soft jazz is not music. It’s more of a bland, custard filler that originally was created because morphine was in short supply – there was a war on, isn’t there always? Withdrawal from soft jazz is less violent than from opiates but the victim tends to have a […]

viva la revolucion 

She doesn’t like people that are easily distracted by their phones. Hi, I think it’s funny that something called a smartphone turns a lot of people into dummies. Let’s start a movement to reform those that would dare take their phone out during dinner or lunch or when I am more interesting. Better yet, let […]

time travel 

Her profile ended with the plot of an indie film. Hi, I never understood why they needed weapons to go back in time. They were only going back a decade. Were they traveling on an alternative timeline where weapons were needed? Sure I’ll travel back in time with you. I’ve got a few days to […]