train surfin 

She likes to Subway surf. Hi, Have you tried balancing on the L when it leaves Manhattan and heads toward the world of the waxed mustaches? It’s a challenge. You own kitty cat socks? You must have really small feet. That was dumb joke. Cheers I once dated a woman with large feet. They were […]

More on my obsession with eating 

She likes to bake and gets creeped out by silent profile lurkers. Hi, I need to add a requirement that my matches need to be excellant bakers. In a former life I think I was a food taster for some royal court. It might have killed me but I’m sure it was the best job […]


She doesn’t like the word “selfie”. Hi, I agree with your disdain for the word “selfie”. It sounds like a drug one takes in order to take advantage of, well, themselves. As in, “Killer night bro. No chicks. Went home and gave myself a selfie. Woke up and my clothes were on backwards.” Are you […]

landlord helper 

She wishes her landlord would be more responsive. Hi, Here are my suggestions to motivate your landlord: Claim you have rats. Once they come over to fix that problem mention that you noticed the bathroom sink leaks. Tell them you no longer believe in locking common area doors because it impedes the flow of chi. […]

my Canadian shame 

She’s Canadian and a poor speller. Hi, I tend to be a terrible speller Tuesday between 11am and Thursday. On Friday nights I get confused about the function of the semi-colon. Is it like the colon that was picked last in gym class? Does punctuation have to go to gym? They should because I had […]